Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bishop Richard J. Neuhaus

From First Things Blog:

Some Muslims in America are unhappy with us. And apparently they know something I don’t. This from The American Muslim:

“The most extreme and most sophisticated example of patronizing intolerance in contemporary America, because it most starkly illustrates the reversal of truth and falsehood, was Michael Novak’s seminal article in the April 2003 issue of America’s leading journal on religion in public life, First Things. Its founder, Bishop Richard John Neuhaus, a convert from Lutheranism to Catholicism, changed the environment in Washington by his enormously influential book, The Naked Public Square. This journal and its elite pundits are today the world’s most influential force in shaping policy toward the role of religion, including Islam.”

I’m waiting to hear from the Vatican on my elevation to the episcopate.

Nice joke, although I can imagine a few Catholics who would be absolutely horrified by the ecclesial appointment of a neocon. ;-)