Saturday, February 11, 2006

Can I quote you on that? ;-)

"The ethos of [Catholic colleges and universities] is so drenched in capitalism as to lead one to conclude, in darker moments, that the shepherding being done at these schools is the kind that raises sheep not for the Church, but for the market. But, of course, resisting capitalism is a problem we face not only in our schools. It is a problem for everyone everywhere."

* * *
"I would still like to see every rich person hanged from the nearest lamp post."
Todd R. Flanders, Liberty and the Virtue of Prudence: A Catholic Perspective. Journal of Markets & Morality Volume 2, Number 1. Spring 1999.

According to Flanders, the source of the first post is "a rising Catholic theologian in a recent lecture at a major Catholic university, who requested not to be quoted by name.

The second quote is attributed to "a prominent Thomist ethicist (in a quasi-jocular manner) when asked what values, as a Catholic convert, he retains from his Marxist days" . . . none other than Alasdair MacIntyre, during a 1996 question-and-answer session in Boston.