Thursday, October 06, 2005

For those who wish to revisit this discussion, I. Shawn McElhinney has wrapped up a condensed version of the May 2005 discussion "On Stephen Hand and Certain Statements He Needs to Account For" (Rerum Novarum Oct. 6, 2005): "The purpose [of which] is to deal in a reasonably economical fashion with several frequently enunciated statements by Mr. Stephen Hand and point to past corrections of those statements which he has continued to ignore" -- presenting what one might deem opportunities for further clarification.

Update! Greg Mockeridge has revisited the crux of his original editorial: Understanding The Difference Between Doctrine and Prudential Judgments: Essential to the Formation of The Catholic Conscience, by Greg Mockeridge. Cooperatores Veritatis Oct. 8, 2005.