Wednesday, October 12, 2005

TCRNews' Pre-emptive Claim to Victory?

Stephen Hand proclaims

We Are Satisfied That We Have Made a Decisive Case Against Neoconservative Politics, Foreign Policy and War ...thus we think we can rest our case, having done the work, engaged the great crisis of our time to the best of our ability. . . .

Inasmuch as certain deficiencies in Dr. Hubert's case against the "neocons" was noted on this blog last week, it seems to me presumptuous, one might say pre-emptive, to claim victory in this discussion. Chief among these is the rather flimsy characterization of "neoconservative" in Dr. Hubert's "Neo-Conservatism: The New Stealth Order / World View, hampered as it is by unsubstantiated claims and broad generalizations.

It would behoove Dr. Hubert, in my opinion, to "tighten up" his case (and guide further discussion) by clarifying his definition, and laying out specific criteria by which one can identify a "neoconservative", including a substantiated list of "neoconservative principles" operative in U.S. policy at home and abroad.